Payment Options

We accept both Credit Card and Interact Debit and of course we always will accept cash :)

Special Instructions for Corbett's Treatments

It is requested that women please wear a pair of shorts and sports bra/tank top, and men please wear a pair of shorts. For the convenience of both patient and therapist. Your treatment is results-focused, meaning you may be asked to move around in order for your therapist to do a thorough assessment and treatment.

Corbett does not use any oil in his treatments, actually it works best that you do not have any oils or lotions on your skin either!

How can I make a “Jane” app on my mobile device for booking appointments?

For iPhone – When you are on the homepage, click the link “Book an Appointment” which will bring you to our online booking page by Jane. At the bottom of your screen, you should see a menu bar; click the centre button (looks like a box with an arrow pointing upwards) then select “add to home screen.” An app will appear on your phone that says “Jane.” From now on, you can access the online booking system by opening the app. Other smartphones should have a similar method.

Do I need to fill out an intake form if I was a client of a therapist at a previous location?

Yes, every client must complete a new intake form. It is necessary to ensure we can treat you safety and effectively.

Arriving Late

Appointment times have been arranged specifically for you, arriving late may result in your session being shortened to accommodate others appointments. We do our best to give our clients their full treatment if time is allotted.

Are doctor's referrals required?

No, you do not need a doctors referral to receive Massage Therapy. However some extended benefits (extended medical plans) require a referral for coverage. Check with your provider if a doctor's referral is required.


At West Kelowna Massage Therapy we understand the importance of privacy. We will never share or compromise your personal information or history with anyone.