Nikki Wellness Practitioner

Nikki is delighted and to become the new owner of West Kelowna Massage Therapy. She intends to create a warm, welcoming and inviting space that focuses on healing and community.

Wellness from the inside out is Nikki’s Passion. With her warm and inviting personality, she evokes a heart centered and comforting presence to West Kelowna Massage Therapy. Nikki acquired extensive knowledge about the Massage Therapy business during her time as a manager and wellness practitioner of the Body Works Spa in Salmon Arm BC. Nikki was always eager to learn more about body work and attained several certificates during her time in Salmon Arm. Nikki has a great deal of knowledge in customer care and an innate empathy and attention to personal care and healing.

Nikki”s experience with essential oils incorporates her love of aromatherapy into her sessions. She has received certified training in Raindrop Therapy and Acupressure Massage and has had continuous support and learning the art of Swedish massage while learning several specialty massage treatments.

Nikki and her family have embraced West Kelowna over the last couple years and are enjoying all of what this beautiful place has to offer. Nikki loves spending time with her family of 6 and you can often find some or all of them enjoying the outdoors together. Nikki loves to stay active and support her wellness mind body and soul.