Registered Massage Therapy

Our intention at West Kelowna Massage Therapy is to provide our clients with a holistic approach to treating conditions and injuries. We believe regular Massage Therapy treatments can help restore health after motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, muscle tension and sprains and can be effective in improving sleep and reducing stress. Massage Therapy can be an effective and alternative way to improve your bodies overall physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Registered Massage Therapy

Corbett McCabe R.M.T.   Sarah Cushing R.M.T.    Amy Carson R.M.T.    Heather Laycock R.M.T.

Registered Massage Therapy combines a mixture of therapeutic techniques including; Swedish Massage,  Myofascial release, Trigger point therapy, and Muscle energy. Our R.M.T’s will assess the body as a whole rather than in segments. We then isolate and treat the root of the problem not just the symptoms that stem from it. Throughout an appointment, we continually asses our patients to ensure progress is being achieved, so they get the most effective treatment possible.

Fascial Integration/Registered Massage Therapy/Osteopathy

Corbett McCabe R.M.T.

Fascial Integration is an alternative therapy that treats immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulating the fascia (the connective tissue that covers the muscle). The technique involves applying sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. Corbett also uses additional techniques; Visceral – Cranial sacral – Myofascial – Joint mobilizations and Osteopathic techniques during his treatment for added effectiveness and to support greater mobility.

Conditions Treated:

Digestive and/or bladder issues

Helping you improve your digestive system regular or better bowel movements, decrease acid reflux, assist with issues such as crohn's disease, colitis and IBS. Also helping with decreasing bladder infection and even incontinence.

Rib, thoracic, and breath issues

For example, for or from shortness of breath, excessive coughing or vomiting, asthma, anxiety, stress, difficulty breathing, diaphragm issues, COPD.

TMJ dysfunction

For example, jaw clicking, popping, or grinding; tooth pain; pain with yawning, wide opening, or chewing; misalignment; significant dental work; TMJ-induced headaches.

Sport injuries

Help and rehabilitation for sprains, strains, labral tears, ACL, torn muscles, rotator cuff issues, dislocations, post-concussion, torn meniscus, tendonitis, tennis elbow etc.

MVA injuries

Help and rehabilitation for whiplash, post-concussion, rib instability, treatment for minor and major MVA’s.

Postural and overuse injuries

Physical work, desk work, head-forward posture, hyperkyphosis (rounded back), carpal tunnel, tendonitis, sport-related injuries.

Children’s disorders (including infants)

Shifted cranial bones, lip and tongue-ties, digestive issues, post-concussion, growing pains, postural education, osgood-schlatter.

Women’s health

Pre and post-pregnancy, frequent urination, prolapses, cramping, fertility issues, painful intercourse, pelvic floor issues, retrocele, enterocele.